Writing a blog is a rewarding experience and it can also be profitable if you’re doing it for financial reward of business. Like everything in life there is a right and wrong way to go about blogging, so to get you started, here are some basics you should look to adhere to.

Have Realistic Aims

When starting a blog, it is easy to get carried away with your enthusiasm, expecting large readerships instantly and posting blogs daily.  However, it’s important to keep a grasp on reality throughout.  Attracting loyal readers will take time, possibly months at the very least. Do not be disappointed if a few weeks in your traffic is poor, or non-existent.

It’s about being measured.  Rather than hammering the blog with lots of posts for the first few weeks and then slowing down, instead be consistent and always give the impression that your blog is growing.

Be Reliable

Once you start to attract readers, they need to rely on you.  It is no good posting a blog a day for a week, and then seeing the number of posts fall away.  Consistency is key.  If you only post two blogs a week, why not do them on the same days each week so that your readers know when to expect something new to read.

Posting sporadically with a scatter gun approach is unlikely to sustain a loyal readership as they won’t know when to expect new content and so it won’t become part of the surfing routine.

Be Balanced

Be as controversial as you like when blogging – it is your platform to express your opinions and publish research.  However, it’s important to have a degree of balance.  Like any magazine feature or academic paper, be sure to qualify your opinions with facts and help the reader to understand your point view. Being blind to the bigger picture or particularly vitriolic may get you some readers, but it is unlikely to appeal to a wide audience or have any longevity.

If you are blogging about a sport or a hobby, describe how and why you do what you do.  Discuss budgets, equipment and circumstance.  Let your readers in to your world.  They’ll come back for more.

Don’t Get Hung Up on Images..all of the time

Images are incredibly important on websites today, so if you have access to images that you are allowed to use and that will help to illustrate your story, then by all means use them.  However, images are not the be-all and end-all.

Ensure your image adds something to your blog.  Stock images are okay, but using too many quickly looks fake and boring.  If you don’t have an image that is a perfect match for your blog, consider not having one at all.

Stay Cool-headed

When you begin to build a loyal readership, you may begin to get comments on your blogs.  Engagement is good, so comments are a great way of gauging the feeling of your followers and interacting with them.  Engagement should be encouraged. However, from time-to-time you will get criticism or a differing of opinion within the comments section.

Ensure you do not react badly to it.  Remain polite, but definitely try to respond to comments where possible as it will help your readers feel part of your blog.  But stay cool, don’t get carried away on emotion.  Everyone has an opinion, try your best to understand it and engage with those opinions.

Have a Responsive Template

The last thing on our list of basics is actually something you may need to do before you even write your first blog.  When picking a theme or template always ensure the one you decide to go with is responsive.  Responsive means that it is optimised to work across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Reading blogs is something users are most likely to do at home or in their free time, and a huge percentage of browsing at these time occurs on mobile, and some on tablet.  Having a non-responsive blog will be an instant turn-off to a huge number of users.