Choosing your very first web host may seem like a daunting and difficult task and from the start it may seem quite similar but you only notice the difference once you have been doing it for some time. There is a lot of misinformation out there which does not help things. There are simply hundreds of hosting providers and all of them want your custom so they all promise you the earth and state how important they are for you.

They do this by advertising their features and pushing services your way that you do not really need. They also use other tactics such as offering features and services that are not what they say they are but are actually part of the hosting. They do this to make their product sound better than the rest, so by highlighting a feature is makes their hosting sound more appealing than their competitors.

Regardless of this, it is not all that difficult to tell the difference between a bad host and a good host but the real issue is choosing what you really need.

The Big Companies

The larger companies often charge that little bit more for their services because they are reputable and highly thought of but for this extra cost what you get back is excellent customer service and documentation as well as guidance.

You have to remember to say no their strong sales reps and if you can do this then you will be fine and this counts for most of the larger companies.

The Cheaper Companies

There are many companies out there who offer low cost alternatives and even pay-as-you go options. For this lower price you will get a weaker level of customer service but if you have the ability to deal with issues yourself or have support from others then these cheaper options are a great alternative and once your traffic increases you could benefit financially from moving over to a larger service.

Do it Yourself

One of the most crucial factors when it comes to choosing a web host is to find one that will give you free reigns over the control of your site. So when it comes to making a decision it is important to remember that the provider has a lot of positives that work in their favour.


FTP and SSH access allows your computer to communicate with your server and your website. This is an important feature and will be crucial to you or the person that you have asked to help you. For a number of sites, having this access is the only way of dealing with a large problem at the back end of the site and without this access it would mean you would have to wait for customer services to rectify the issue.


Reliability is a huge part of web hosting and ensuring that your provider has a good reputation and ensure that their servers are up and running almost 100{40b7e1d472f2232484c7d51621ee020f166687777edba96fd0b11d65473b9841} of the time is important. With a huge amount of options when it comes to selecting a provider you should ensure that you choose one that promises and uptime of more than 99{40b7e1d472f2232484c7d51621ee020f166687777edba96fd0b11d65473b9841}.

Happy Customers

Once you have put together a list of possible providers do your research. This means finding out what customers feel about them and what their experiences have been like.

However, should you find yourself using a host that you are not happy with you can change your mind and for someone who is new to the whole thing it is not a difficult task but not something you would want to do so soon.

If you decide that you do want to move then do not become stressed because your provider will also know this and will push them to offer you an incentive to stay.